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Simon & Company Contracting has been general contractor in Franklin Square for the past 22 years. Our reputation for quality and timely service is well known in this area. We are fully bonded, licensed and insured construction company. There are many advantages of hiring general contractor with experience. Choose a reputed general contractor if you want your kitchen drain installed in the kitchen and not in the bathroom. Contact us:

Address: 1102 Admont Ave.
Franklin Square NY 11010
Phone: (516) 852-0957
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Simon & Company Contracting is the construction company which build my house. They are the best general contractor here!

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If you just hire random workers or ask for help your neighbours you may find yourself trying to settle a dispute over an installation. Even if you are can end it you will have another problem. How can you work with someone who was General contractor at workwrong to fix the problem or have no idea how to solve building problems? The general contractors we offer will never fail,so you do not have to think of building problems.

The positive side of using a Simon & Company Contracting contractor is he will take care every aspect about problems and when the project is complete he will inspect every detail before informing you that the project is complete. Our home builder will supervise the job through till the end of the project and will be responsible for making any corrections that are required. Our general contractor will begin his work by reviewing the building plans with you. Home builders always want to be sure that he sees the plans the same way as you do. Once you and the home builder have agreed on the plan, the our general contractor will begin to lay out a project management plan which is a time line of when Couple with contractorevents will occur and in what sequence. Simon & Company Contracting work only with sub-contractors that we trusts to do the various tasks required to complete any building project. Our general contractor will have a total responsibility for the entire project. Our home builder will know exactly which sub-contractor to choose to does quality work.

Simon & Company Contracting can take care to different building projects. We always consider with specifications of work, time frame and budget of you building or home remodeling project. As leading general contractor, we pride ourselves in helping all clients who need our knowledge, expertise and experience. We also want to help clients by offering reasonable prices for high-end results.

Even home improvement and remodeling project requires a general contractor. If you have two minor, but different jobs to be done a contractor would not be needed. However, if you are removing walls or remodeling a kitchen it would be to your everlasting benefit to hire general contractor. A complete remodel of a kitchen involves at least six trades, and each must be cooperate with others at some point, this is why contacting Simon & Company Contracting will be your greatest choice. If you are need home builder, general contractor or remodeling contractor, give Simon & Company Contracting a try at (516) 852-0957. You will quickly see why we are the best general contractor in the business within Franklin Square, NY.

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